Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Early Morning Meditation in the Peace of the Snow Fall


This mornings meditation occurred while I was shoveling snow before sunrise.  I actually love shoveling snow early in the morning before the neighborhood wakes up.  I find it very peaceful and serene breathing in the cold crisp quiet air.  The beauty of snow right in front of me would temporary take my breath away and then I would have to take a deep breath in.  I found a beautiful rhythm of breathing in filling the shovel and breathing out while emptying my shovel.   As I was shoveling my eyes were caught by the millions of sparkles that I saw in the snow.  For 30 minutes I was just mesmerized by twinkle of the street lights in the snow that began to disappear as the sun began to rise.

As I swept the walk I had a completely different experience. I decided to sweep with my left hand in the power position which is my non-dominant hand.  I was surprised at how clumsy I felt trying to clear the snow.  I also realized how my posture changed and I was slumping forward as I tried to sweep.  Lastly, I noticed pretty quickly that I was recruiting all of the muscles in my back to clear the snow. After about 5 minutes of that I switched back to my right hand in the dominant position.  It was so much easier and more comfortable.  It reminded meet that sweeping and shoveling snow is a good work out and people need to remember and be careful as they clean their driveways and sidewalks.  It also reminded me to take an epson salt bath so that I won't feel my sore muscles tomorrow morning!

Enjoy the snow! It will be gone soon!


Dr. Dae

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  1. Lovely! I especially enjoy the feeling you describe so well of being in the quiet world before sunrise, cherishing moments of being... Thank you!